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Mushroom GBALib File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
msh_bg.hTile background functions
msh_bitmap.hBitmap functions for modes 3, 4, 5
msh_comm.hCommuncation functions for link play
msh_debug.hDebug functions
msh_disp.hDisplay control functions
msh_dma.hDMA functions
msh_hud.hSprite based text functions
msh_irq.hInterrupt functions
msh_key.hFunctions for reading GBA keys
msh_math.hMath functions
msh_obj.hOBJ (sprite) functions
msh_pal.hPalette and color functions
msh_sound.hSound functions
msh_sram.hSaveRAM functions used for savegames
msh_timer.hTimer functions

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